• Finished Stainless Steel Ropes Sunsail

    Finishing of
    stainless steel ropes

    Consulting Manufacturing Delivery Installation

  • Edelstahlprodukte

    Stainless steel products

    We deliver and process stainless steel products and associated accessories. Their high quality means stainless steel products can be deployed for virtually any purpose.


  • Pruefservice

    Testing services

    We possess the know-how and necessary trained personnel to provide water weight bag tests, life jackets, lifting accessories, mobile testing services, alloy analyses and much more.


  • Kletterwald Ausrüstung

    Climbing forest equipment

    Reliable equipment and a full range of accessories for all climbing forest needs.


  • Offshore Personal

    Offshore Personal

    We provide maritime personnel for the transfer and testing of ships and other floating vessels.


  • Hebetechnik

    Lifting technology

    We are specialised in lifting technology with ropes, chains and slings as well as for the general needs of industry.



For more than 75 years, we have been regarded as global experts in our field. Our business spans the areas of rigging, steel wire rope installation, lifting gear, crossheads, conducting testing procedures up to 250t, the testing of lifting gear as well as vessel transfers. We are among Europe’s largest importers and exporters in the areas of wholesale trade and the finishing of steel wire ropes. In addition, we are official dealers of steel wire ropes by Casar and are ISO 9001 certified.

stainless steel ropes with pvc covers

Professional finishing of stainless steel wire ropes

We guarantee tailor-made solutions and provide first-class service for the finishing of stainless steel products.

  • We assist you in the selection of the optimal product
  • We finish stainless steel ropes right down to the finest detail
  • We are on-site to assist you during installation, if desired

We cut stainless steel ropes to length, can press and fit end terminations and are capable of working with just about any ferrule. No matter if simply cutting to length or providing professional finishing services using ferrules, terminals, fork terminals, eye terminals, stud terminals or pressure die-cast ends – discover what’s possible.

Finishing of steel wire ropes

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